If you are here then it seems you’re stupid enough to follow this blog, and if you are stupid enough to follow this blog then you are most certainly a punter just like us!

We absolutely love football and we chat a lot of bull about how much we win.

Which is loads… I swear…

Anyway, we wanted to share with you the betting website that we are currently using called Bet On Brazil. You might not of heard of them and that because they are new on the block but you most certainly have heard of their main man, the face of the company who is the one and only Alan Brazil.

bet on brazil

About Bet On Brazil

Bet on Brazil are very similar to most in terms of odd, and the markets they have to offer, and as previously mentioned the face of the company if Alan brazil. The bet on brazil website is slick as hell and the money transfer system they have in place is so tricking simple its unreal and their app… god damn its good! In short they are our favourite in a sea of very close second places.

So Whats the Promo Code

So the promotion goes like this. Open an account. Deposit £50 of your hard earned cash. Get a matched deposit of £50. Bet with £100.

This is a matched bet so its like a if you scratch mine I’ll scratch yours type of deal which is fine because we love bet on brazil and don’t mind scratching back for that goddly app!

We found this promo code from bet4less.co.uk, which can be a useful site if you can find a decent code in amongst the crap.

How to Claim

God you’re lazy. Its easy and can be broken down into 4 painfully simple steps

  1. Click the link at the top of the page which will take you to their sexy website.
  2. Click the giant “join now” button so you can prove to everyone you’re a rocket scientist.
  3. Fill in your details e.g. Name: Worthless Gambler, Age: Like 29ish maybe, Card number: I thought we were friends….
  4. Make your deposit and pay for it by buying a potato and hitting it with a tennis racket instead of getting a chippy on the way home from a long one.


Well maybe you should of clicked the link yourself genius.